Quality rice wine

Mirae is a local brand based in Singapore. Our mission to bring you only the best. Organic with no preservatives, our Mirae Sparkling Rice Wine is made in small batches to ensure the highest quality for you.



MIRAE uses organic glutinous rice from An Hui province, a region famous for producing the finest quality of glutinous rice.

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The water used in MIRAE has been sourced after accessing over 50 reservoirs.  14 ℃ water extracted from 25m below ground level from Zhejiang was chosen for its natural minerals and finest water quality.

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Sparkling Rice Wine - 580ml

Sparkling Rice Wine - 580ml

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You've been looking for wine that is suitable for your taste buds but you've found many red/white wines to be a little too strong or bitter for your liking.

MIRAE's Sparkling rice wine is the opposite! With it's rich use of natural fruits and rice fermentation methods, it is very sweet and savoury! Because it is naturally sweet, it is healthy for you!

Ingredient List:

Water, rice, yeast, fruit sugar, carbon dioxide, sugar

Alcohol Content:

5% alcohol - You will be required for age verification upon delivery.

Try your bottle of MIRAE to see why it is arguably the best wine in Singapore.

How it's made

Wine Pressing

MIRAE is wine pressed from the middle yield only. Producing rice wine of the highest quality. This is also known as Nakadori in the pressing of sake.

How it's made

Second Fermentation

Mirae does not contain added carbon dioxide but carbon dioxide produced from a second fermentation.

How it's made

High Quality Control

Mirae with mostly handcrafted with the aid of simple machineries. This is to allow for better control of the fermentation stages during production.